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Vibe Check by The Vida Agency is an out-of-the-box employee engagement service designed to help you make quick, informed business decisions in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Find out where your team and industry stand

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Hiring & Onboarding
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Remote Work
Ideal Office Space
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Work Morale
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Commuting & More!

Adapt to change quickly and efficiently

Make Vibe Check your tool for mastering the art of employee input and organization adaptation.

  • Rapid deployment – get results fast!
  • Gain market landscape insights.
  • Fully customizable for size, industry, & budget.

Pivoting is here to stay, so how do you help your team prepare for and adapt to emerging needs, opportunities, and challenges?

I had many ah-ha moments when reviewing the Vibe Check data which prompted a host of ideas about what we can change to create a more connected culture. Vibe Check has helped our team feel empowered and will be integral in helping us make adjustments to everything from remote work structure, pandemic safety measures, employee onboarding and training, and ways to foster a healthy work-life balance for our team.

Jose Chi, ECOSS Program Director

Robust qualitative and quantitative analysis

63% of respondents valued working from home two or three days per week as much as a raise.”

– New York Times

“The ‘great comeback’ is now underway with 87% of American workers surveyed looking forward to returning to the office in 2022.”

– OnePoll survey

Help your people do their best work

The days of top-down decision-making are behind us. Research shows that when employee ideas and concerns are taken into account, organizations perform better.

Top-Down Design

Manager who tells employees the plan. Employees are resistant because they weren't consulted.


Team Input

Manager and employees collaborating on a plan.
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Great for start-ups and non-profits


For larger organizations who seek customization
Kick-off Meeting
Digital Employee Engagement Tool
Dedicated Support Staff
Data Capture & Analysis
Findings & Market Research Report
Fully customized tool based on your company’s needs and KPI’s X
Access to Vibe Check dashboard for real-time results X
Full Qualitative Analysis X
Number of Employees 25 26 & over
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